• wearabowl | wearable snack bowl/snack cup with a strap | secures snacks to baby/toddler thigh | Ideal for when child is seated & buckled into stroller or car seat | solution, replaces stroller trays & spill proof snack cups | on-the-go | 9 months-2 years

wearabowl : the first & only wearable snack bowl

wearabowl is the first-ever wearable snack bowl – a bowl with a strap – that secures snacks in the easiest and most accessible place for a child… their own lap! Ideal for use while in a seated and fastened position (like in a stroller or car seat) wearabowl enhances the child’s snacking experience by enabling them to eat in the most natural, comfortable and convenient way. wearabowl's patented design is ingeniously simple; a whole new way of approaching snacking on the go, and the ideal solution for babies learning to self-feed!

So come along... take a stroll with wearabowl!

freedom & comfort

wearabowl allows children the freedom to snack comfortably while on-the-go, without the need to hold onto a snack container or balance it on their lap. Their snack remains in a consistent, reachable location. No need to put tiny hands through spill-proof lids. No need to search or reach for snacks on a tray. And wearabowl makes snacking so effortless, babies can engage with their surroundings and enjoy the ride.

function & convenience for both children & parents

Simple, lightweight and compact - wearabowl can be taken anywhere, anytime. It easily fits into a diaper bag, purse, pocket or attaches to a stroller handle or adult wrist for quick access. Once secured to your child's lap, it stays secure when going over bumps, curbs, or up and down stairs. Reusable, machine washable & made with non-plastic, food safe materials. Best of all - no more picking up dropped or thrown snack cups!

enhances dexterity & pincer grasp development

wearabowl helps children develop their fine motor skills, encourages self-feeding independence and practice with the pincer grasp; all while being along for the ride! wearabowl gives children the freedom to be hands-free. They can naturally use whichever hand they want to pick their snacks (or both) offering an ambidextrous experience.

Snack cups with "spill-proof" lids require dexterity that most children don’t have until at least 12-18 months, but wearabowl can be introduced as soon as children can pick up their snacks independently, usually around 9 months.

happy snackers, happy travels

wearabowl is designed specifically with the child’s experience in mind. It allows for ease and independence while snacking in their stroller, and is most effective for the child when they are securely fastened into their stroller and seated in an upright position; they are not fussy and are ready for/wanting a snack; it is consistently incorporated into their daily routines so they know exactly what it is for, and what to expect. Follow these simple guidelines and your happy snacker will make you an even happier parent!


wearabowl can be used in a variety of situations. Keep it on you any time you are out with your little one (or two, three or more) and see just how useful it can be!

It alleviates some of the frustration with snacking on-the-go and gives parents and children more time to enjoy the little things in life. Like an afternoon at the zoo.

wearabowl: the genesis

Hello! I'm Danny, a stay-at-home dad with three kids (a daughter and boy/girl twins). So I can relate first hand to the kind of back-breaking work that goes into raising children - constantly having to bend over to pick them up, their toys up, their books up, their clothes up. The list goes on. One day, I was at the zoo with my young daughter trying to feed her a snack in her stroller. I was becoming increasingly frustrated because no matter where I put the bowl (between her legs, in her hands) it just kept falling and ending up on the ground. Yet another thing I had to bend over to pick up. And if I did manage to get the bowl to stay in place (like wedged between her and the stroller) I noticed that it just frustrated her because it was difficult to reach. Exacerbated, I thought, "there must be a better way". A way to secure the bowl in place; a place that's easy for her to reach; a place that isn't the ground. That's when I looked down at her and her little lap and it hit me like a ton of snack containers to the head!

Asking for her wearabowl...

A Baby Product I Never Knew I Needed!

This product is super convenient for snacking on-the-go and my little one loves the independence it allows him. Our stroller tray is way too far in front for him to reach at this age, so before getting the Wearabowl, we had to hold his food container for him to let him snack. I was surprised how sturdy it was and how well it stayed in place, even while going over bumpy terrain.

Kristin H.

Just Buy It! No More Dropped Snacks

I absolutely love this snack cup! My 2 year old loves having something she can wear to keep her snacks in. It’s very stable and keeps the snacks from spilling. It’s especially great for us since we frequently don’t use a tray on our strollers. I wish we would have had this cup when my daughter was younger, it would have been a life saver for the many lost snacks we had.


Cute and my daughter loves it

Got this after meeting the founder. She told me the story of the wearabowl and I had to try it. Showed it to my daughter and she loved it. Wanted to put it on right away. She eats berries out of it, and it's great for sitting on my lap or in her stroller. Easy to clean. Good size for snacks for a little one. I'm buying another one and I will be gifting these at baby showers!

Esther Hill

I love this

I absolutely love this Wearabowl! It is so nice to have a bowl that doesnt get dropped a thousand times or dumped over. Great in the stroller or car. This is a must for toddlers. Nicely made and easy to clean.