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wearabowl is the ideal on-the-go snacking solution for children seated & fastened in their strollers or car seats.

It's simple, convenient design provides many benefits for snacking babies & toddlers: 

  • Secures snacks in the easiest and most accessible place for them - their own lap! 
  • Enables them to eat in the most natural, comfortable and convenient way without the need to hold onto a snack container.
  • No need to put tiny hands through spill-proof lids. No need to search or reach for snacks on a tray.
  • Allows for an independent, hands-free, ambidextrous snacking experience.
  • Ease of use allows children to engage with their surroundings.
  • Avoids the frustration of dropped snack cups!

Age range for use: Introduce wearabowl to your child as soon as they can pick up snacks independently (by pincer grasping with their thumb and index finger). It is specially designed for children 9 months - 2 years and up.

To use: Simply place wearabowl onto your child's left or right thigh and secure the velcro ends of the elastic strap at the underside of their leg. Ensure the strap is comfortably positioned around the thigh, then place a handful of their favorite snacks into the bowl, and off you go!

wearabowl is most effective for your child when:

  • They are securely fastened into their stroller and seated in an upright position.
  • They are relaxed, comfortable and are ready for/wanting a snack.
  • It is consistently incorporated into their daily routines so they know exactly what it is for and what to expect.

Materials, Cleaning & Care: wearabowl is made with PUL (laminated polyester) which is a durable waterproof, non-plastic, non-toxic, vegan and food safe material. PUL is free of lead, heavy metals, BPA, phthalates and PVC. It is lightweight, breathable and hypoallergenic. The fabric is made in the USA. To clean, simply rinse in the sink with a touch of mild detergent and air dry or tumble low. It can also be machine washed and dried. To clean while on-the-go, use a damp cloth or baby wipe as needed.