In addition to the convenience and ease wearabowl offers children to snack comfortably and effortlessly, wearabowl is a dream for parents.

It is so lightweight, compact and versatile, you can literally take it anywhere and have it readily accessible for when your child needs it.

When not in use, wearabowl can be stored or attached in a variety of ways: Here are some suggestions. Please share with us what works for you!
  • Toss into (or attach to) your diaper bag, purse or pack.
  • Put it in your pocket
  • Attach it to your stroller handle
  • Put it inside (or attach to) your stroller organizer/caddy
  • Strap it onto your belt
  • Wear it around your wrist or arm

And as an added bonus for parents:

You no longer need to pick up dropped or thrown snack cups!