The Most Natural Way to Snack

wearabowl solves common problems and provides great benefits for children, including:

  • Secures a child's snacks where they can always reach them when they are "buckled in".

  • Solves the common problem of an unsecured snack container falling out of reach of a child.

  • Provides the opportunity for effortless snacking.

wearabowl is an on-the-go snacking solution that takes the child's experience into consideration, and not just another accessory that primarily benefits parents. It is specially designed for children to use when they are seated and buckled (like in their strollers and car seats). While seated, the most natural and easiest place to reach for snacks is your own lap (adults and children alike). wearabowl simply allows children the ability to do this. 
wearabowl is a novel way of thinking about on-the-go snacking for babies & toddlers, who are new to many things - especially dexterity and self feeding. Rather than another accessory that attaches to a stroller or car seat that your child may not even be able to reach, wearabowl is an accessory that attaches to your child themself!
When in their stroller or car seat, children are strapped down and held back by a harness. This limits their mobility, and as a result - reaching for a snack container, which is typically placed between their legs or beside them, can be awkward and/or extremely difficult for a child to reach, if not impossible. 
Similarly, strollers with snack trays have limitations for babies who are just beginning to self feed. Depending on the position of the tray relative to the child, it can be difficult for the child to reach for or even see items on the snack tray, and therefore can provide limited use or benefit. 
The above examples can result in a child easily and/or accidentally knocking over - or even purposely throwing - the snack container resulting in "out of reach" and/or spilled snacks. We've all experienced this a time or two! If you're tired of constantly picking up dropped or thrown snack cups - you'll love wearabowl!
For babies who are brand new to self feeding, wearabowl enhances their snacking experience by enabling them to pick up snacks in the most natural, comfortable and convenient way while they are seated and fastened in their strollers or car seats. They are provided the opportunity to snack effortlessly because their snacks stay secure in a consistent place and always easy for them to reach. They can be hands free - no need to hold onto a snack cup or balance one on their lap. Better yet, they have the freedom to use both hands if they want! 
Give your child the opportunity to experience snacking with ease, and soon you will see they will be asking for their wearabowl when it's snack time on-the-go!