Connection. Not Distraction.

We all have so much joy and fulfillment when we see our children having fun, engaging with, and learning from the experiences we introduce to them. From the simple daily routines like walks around our neighborhood to day trips at the zoo or amusement parks, our children have so much opportunity to expand their mind and to be stimulated by the natural world. 
However, precious moments with nature or passers-by are often lost when children are in their strollers. Why? Because there can be so many things within their periphery or in their hands to distract them and keep them occupied. Or there are accessories, like stroller bars to hang toys from and trays to put snacks and drinks on that - from the child’s perspective - inhibits their ability to view their surroundings, unobstructed. 
wearabowl gives your child the ability to have a wide open view with their favorite snack.  No stroller bars or trays needed. Just your child and their stroller...
Or even just your child and you.