How, When & Where to Use

wearabowl is a simple and convenient on-the-go snacking solution for young children who are seated and buckled in (for instance, in their stroller or car seat). 

Age Range for Use

The optimal time to introduce wearabowl to children is when they are able to pincer grasp their first-food snacks (usually starting as early as around 9 months). The age range in which wearabowl can be most helpful for children is around 9 months to 2 years - the stage when their fine motor skills are developing. wearabowl enables children to be hands free, which allows for lots of practice with their dexterity (and ambidexterity) picking up their snacks comfortably and independently while traveling around in their strollers.
wearabowl can be useful for as long as a child wants to use it or for as long as it still fits their leg!

How to Use

First, securely fasten your child into their stroller, seated in an upright position. 
Once your child is comfortable, relaxed and ready for their snack, simply place wearabowl onto the child's left or right thigh and secure the velcro ends of the elastic strap at the under-side of the leg.
Ensure the strap is comfortably positioned around the thigh - not too tight and not too loose.
Then, place a handful of their favorite snacks into the bowl, and off you go!  
In order to provide the best view, be sure to remove any accessories (snack trays or stroller bars) that may compromise their line of vision.

When & Where to Use

wearabowl is specially designed to help babies and toddlers have the most comfortable and effortless snacking experience while on-the-go. It is versatile and can be used daily in a variety of on-the-go scenarios.
It is recommended to use wearabowl consistently and incorporate it into daily routines so children know exactly what it is for, and what to expect. 
Depending on the child and their needs and wants, wearabowl can also be useful in a variety of "seated" situations!  You can explore what works for you and your child.
wearabowl is not intended to be a "spill-proof" snacking product, rather a product that aides children to snack in the most comfortable way for them.