Parent Invented

Invented by full time dad and developed by a career mom, wearabowl is ingeniously simple; a whole new way of approaching snacking on-the-go.

Chandra & Danny are parents to 3 children - a daughter and boy/girl twins. Raising their children in sunny Los Angeles, they've spent many days at the zoo and beach (and stuck in traffic trying to get home after a long day!)

One day, while at the zoo with his eldest daughter (who was 11 months old at the time), Danny was trying to feed her a snack in her stroller. He was becoming increasingly frustrated because no matter where he put the bowl (between her legs, in her hands) it just kept falling and ending up on the ground. And if he did manage to get the bowl to stay in place (like wedged between her and the stroller) he noticed that it just frustrated her because it was difficult to reach. Exacerbated, he thought, - there must be a better way. A way to secure the bowl in place; a place that's easy for her to reach; a place that isn't the ground. That's when he looked down at her and her little lap and it hit him like a ton of snack containers to the head!

Chandra, a business owner working in the fashion and film industries - with a vast network of other working moms and entrepreneurs - believed in the idea since that day. During every spare moment over the years, she's worked passionately and diligently to bring wearabowl to the market. Knowing that all three of their kids love their wearabowl, Danny and Chandra had a good hunch there'd be lots more out there who would too!

We hope you enjoy your journeys with wearabowl as much as we have!

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